Company Profile – Kirchschlager Publishing House

The Kirchschlager Publishing House was established as a family-owned business in 1995. The owner, Michael Kirchschlager, is a graduate historian. The publishing house specialises in historical true crimes such as Pitavals, crime chronicles and biographies of notorious criminals. Among the bestsellers are titles such as HISTORISCHE SERIENMÖRDER (Historical Serial Killers) in two volumes, KRIMINALCHRONIK DES DRITTEN REICHES (Chronicles of Crime in the Third Reich) in two volumes, SERIENMÖRDER der DDR, KILLERPÄRCHEN and DAS OBSCURUM – Tales of horrible murders and other lurid events from Old Europe. All editions are thread-bound hardbacks with a ribbon bookmark. Books of well known and best-selling authors have been published by Kirchschlager. Apart from non-fiction books and source and text compilations Michael Kirchschlager also publishes die “Bibliothek des Grauens” (Library of Horror), die “Historische Kriminal-Bibliothek” (Historical Crime Library) and KRIMINALIA.DE, the online magazine for the history of crime and legal history.
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